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Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL)

A Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) is a prospect that has expressed an interest in what your brand has to offer. An MQL has taken the first steps to becoming a customer and is ready to receive additional contact from your company. From a very general perspective: Marketing Qualified Leads turn into Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs), which in turn can convert into customers once they have been through the buyer’s journey.

It’s important for each potential customer to travel through all stages of the buying journey and the MQL is the first step in this process. This engagement warms them up to your brand, builds trust and puts them in the position to consider your solution as the right fit for their business.

The MQL is the foundation of a B2B demand generation strategy and helps businesses identify those prospects who could be in the market for their solutions.

Account Based Marketing Leads (ABM)

ABM is a strategy that directs marketing resources to engaging a specific set of target accounts.

Instead of casting a wide net to engage any potential customers, marketers use ABM and work closely with sales to identify key prospects and then tailor customized programs and messages to the buying team within target accounts.
This approach looks at prospects as Accounts rather than Individuals and takes the approach that in order to win business we must look at all stakeholders in the decision-making process.

This strategy is particularly important in today’s world of work, as according to Merit, 73% of B2B buyers are now millennials and millennials actively seek consensus and collaboration. This has created a culture of “We” not “I” in the way technology purchasing decisions are made.

Adopting an intelligent ABM strategy for demand generation can be a great way to target potential new customers. But it must be done right…
The accounts you are looking to target must have intelligence behind them for the campaign to be considered a true ABM campaign. We can help with in this process of identifying accounts you should be targeting through our Intent partnerships and own first party data and speak to you about other strategies that have been successful in the past.

Sales Qualified Lead / BANT

An SQL lead or a BANT lead is a type of lead that expressed a specific interest in a product and service that you have to offer…
The difference between marketing qualified leads (MQL) and sales qualified leads (SQL) is important to understanding your sales funnel, and perhaps most importantly, the potential bottlenecks within it.

SQLs are prospects that have been vetted to determine if there’s an interest to connect them to the next stage in the buying cycle, sometimes called the Discovery or Demo stage.

Commonly, BANT qualification methodology has been used by sales to define what constitutes a ‘quality’ lead. Budget, Authority, Need, and Timing are all criteria that need to be established but are they sufficient enough to enable your sales team to close a deal.
We are able to offer BANT / SQL leads globally whether the target is IT, Hr, Marketing & Sales. Finance or Business Decision Makers.